About The Cigarette Counter

About The Cigarette Counter

Scientific studies by major cancer prevention institutes recently concluded that those who quit smoking by gradually reducing the number of cigarettes smoked daily have twice as many chances to stay off nicotine, after one year, than those who’ve quit “cold turkey”. The Cigarette Counter is a simple, tangible way to do just that: by using it daily, we become aware of how much we’re really smoking and it can be a very useful tool to gradually take control of our habit and to cut down. A smart clip allows us to fix the counter to each cigarette pack top (or side, in soft-packs), and it is easily activated by pressing the on/off button.

If we want to realize how much we’re really smoking, we’ll push “reset” each morning and add each cigarette we smoke during the day by pressing the “+” button. Once we know our average, we can set a limit on the Cigarette Counter each morning and press the “minus” button every time we light up until we reach zero: at that point, we don’t allow ourselves any more cigarettes for that day. Over time, we’ll learn to save cigarettes for specific moments, and we’ll be able to gradually reduce our nicotine intake by setting a lower and lower limit, therefore slowly changing our habit.

“Often simple solutions are the best. The Cigarette Counter is an easy way to keep track of how much you smoke, and it’s attached right to your cigarette pack. It is a great way for smokers to take back control of their habit so they can easily reduce or quit smoking.” says Fred Kelley, owner of www.Quitsmoking.com the world’s most famous website for quit-smoking products and tips. “Most smokers light up cigarettes in an automatic, non-conscious way.” says Angelo Magni, inventor of the Cigarette Counter, “The Cigarette Counter helps them become aware of what they’re doing to themselves: by pushing a button and reading the number on the counter every time they smoke, they wake up and realize their true condition.” he continues.

“Once they’re aware, they can begin setting a limit each day, preferably following a scheduled reduction program over a few months (some examples are on our website www.thecigarettecounter.com ). When people get to the point where they only smoke 2-3 cigarettes a day, they’re not very much addicted to nicotine anymore, and they can very easily quit for good if they want to. If they don’t want to quit, they can still learn to smoke in a “healthier way”: as odd as that sounds, it is possible that some people just might not want to quit, but they might want to reduce the risk of cancer a great deal. Some statistics about the effects of nicotine intake reduction are available on our website also.”

The Cigarette Counter does not function automatically as you open your cigarette box, otherwise, you would lose the count each time you offered a cigarette or just looked inside the pack to see how many cigarettes you have left. Pressing a button has a very important psychological function of creating awareness also.

A useful feature is that the Cigarette Counter keeps the numbers in memory even when it’s off, so you don’t lose the count by pressing the buttons accidentally. Its battery lasts up to one year and can be changed easily.

Mark Whalen, Author, and Publisher of PresMark Publishing Co., www.nowillpower.com, says: “The Cigarette Counter is fantastic! This simple device allows one to track their habit and thereby control and reduce it by steps. We are distributing one with every copy of our book, “How to Quit Smoking Without Willpower or Struggle”. It’s a perfect fit for our system. Everyone loves it. It’s worth ten times its cost.” 

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